11 April 2020

Easter Greetings

HOLY  EASTER 2020     The Word suffered that his flesh was hanging on the wood, the Word has suffered that nails were planted in his […]
12 March 2020

In Communion

The Church has always taught to seek God’s help in needs, for herself and for all humanity, because she knows that the life of every man […]
8 February 2020

“ANDIAMO!” A love story (video)

08 th February 2020 Dear Sisters,   On the occasion of the 189 years of the life of our religious family, I am pleased to retracing […]
23 December 2019

Saluto della madre, Sr. Beatrice

 Roma, S. Natale 2019   In questo tempo di Avvento più volte abbiamo sentito ripetere in uno spot televisivo “Il Natale non sono le cose, sono […]
19 December 2019

4th day – Dialogue between religion

4th day – Dialogue between religion “In the incarnation of the Divine Word, everything speaks to us of love, everything inspires us with love. Love makes […]
18 December 2019

3rd day: For the families

3rd day: For the families “The Church invites us at this time and excites us to prepare our hearts for the birth of the Child Jesus. […]
17 December 2019

2nd day: For engaged couples

2nd day: For engaged couples “In these days concentrate your reflections not on the stable in Bethlehem, but in the Heart of the Child Jesus, to […]
16 December 2019

1st day: For peace

1st day: For peace “Do not love or desire with human ardor, which breaks down and worries, but the Spirit of God be with you and […]
10 December 2019

Novena for Christmas 2019 – PDF

We can prepare our hearts to receive our Savior, the God who is a child. Inglese-PDF