The spirit of the Sacred Heart moves to charity

                                                                                                                        Bergamo, 11 March 1834

Give yourself without reserve, and pray constantly so to increase your

own conviction of being generous and prepared to clash with everything that 

belongs to yourself as a person, even in a little part.      

Commit yourself to make the spirit of the Sacred Heart grow into your sisters,

into all the young people, in other words, into everybody in the world,

according to the occasions that the divine providence offers.

Just think that God himself claims charity from you.

How could our daughters follow up to their great vocation if they are not all imbued,

compressed and filled with this spirit?

This is the only one that may encourage them to self-sacrifice for charity,

and push them to a constant search for other people’s good.

Only that spirit will sustain them in the toils,

troubles and woes that are inseparable from a life consonant to their vocation.

                                                                                                           Giuseppe Benaglio