The Departed Souls

The day of the commemoration of all the departed souls, in some countries of Africa, liturgically it is a spiritual preparation.

Every Christian family asks for the intention of mass by listing the names of the departed family members at the parish secretariat. On this day, Mass is held in the morning.

The churches are filled with the people. Some are dressed in purple, others are in black or white according to the ethnic groups.

During the Mass (the celebration), the names of the departed are listed. After the celebration, every Christian, family goes to different cemeteries where his family is buried.

Once in the cemetery, we clean the graves, we put flowers, the food that the departed person loved, and we do a little meditation, and after everyone returns home.

We in Africa, we have the conception that the dead are not dead, they are alive with Saints, they intercede for us. We have a strong conception of the immorality of the dead are our saints. We have great respect and consideration for the dead. See even in some countries, ethnic groups and tribes bury their family members in their fields, to contemplate and communicate day after day with them.