As we know from the media, in the last days of April the cyclone Kenneth brought heavy rains and very strong winds, with gusts up to over 200 kilometers per hour, in a large part of Mozambique.  The great disturbance has caused the destruction of thousands of homes and the numerous floods which mainly affected the area of ​​Pemba, on the north-eastern coast of the country.  The cyclone “Kenneth” reached the province of Cabo Delgado, in the north of Mozambique, causing the death of at least 43 people and great devastation.

Rescue teams have been working for days to secure the population, and it is estimated that there are at least 20,000 displaced people throughout Mozambique.

It is the first time that two of such powerful cyclones reach Mozambique a short distance between them.  The damage already caused by “Idai” has become worse with the arrival of “Kenneth”, making it very difficult to travel around the country and rescue operations.

In this regard we report the testimony of Sr. Teresa Squiavenato  DSHJ who, after speaking about the poverty of the country in which our Sisters find themselves adds in reference to the cyclone:

“As if this were not enough, even nature seems to weigh on the children of this land that has suffered so much.  The “Idai” cyclone, on March 14th, caused about 1000 deaths in the centre of the country, destroying the cities of Beira and Sofala.  Our Bishop Don Luiz Fernando Lisboa was always very sensitive to the sufferings of the Mozambican people and has activated several humanitarian aid groups, but while this was happening, the cyclone “Kenneth” was announced, which was heading towards Capo Delgado and precisely Palma and Pemba which were reached  April 25 with 280 km of wind gusts and 100-150 mmm of water in 24 hours.

 We have the hope that together with material goods we can rebuild the strength, soul, energy, dignity and faith of these people, some of whom almost lost their lives trying to save the little, that is what they had.  And for us Daughters of the Sacred Heart the challenge is twofold, because in addition to the commitment of this reconstruction in Pemba, the two districts of Ibo and Macomia, together with Quissanga, belong to the Pastoral Region of Meluco where we will live and where we are already  as a place of Mission.  We entrust ourselves to the strength of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the certainty that there will be friends and people of solidarity in this moment “

 So our Sisters are working at full speed, even in the coordination of relief groups and to meet their basical needs.  There is the emergency need of  food and medication for  health because all are feared of  epidemics.  In the month of June the Daughters of the Sacred Heart present in Mozambique will be visited by Sr. Inelda M. Balestrin, the General Councilor.